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CoreStone Data and Document Management 

- Document Storage and Data Archiving

- Directly connects from SAP to Cloud-Storages (AWS, Azure)

- No on-prem component required

- SAP ArchiveLink-certified

“SAP ArchiveLink is probably the oldest document storage and data archiving standard in the world. Before SAP HANA, SAP ArchiveLink ensured consistent performance of the SAP systems by routinely reducing the table sizes. Since SAP HANA-databases solved the performance issues, the need to archive has become even more tangible, as the table-size directly correlates to the costs of the HANA-hardware. Serrala’s CornerStone moves SAP ArchiveLink to a new level: It is 100% installed within the SAP-system and allows to directly store documents and archive data in

cloud-storages like AWS and Microsoft Azure”

Volkmar Ahrens

Business Development


Typical Scenarios to Consider Serrala’s CoreStone Technology:

Data Volume Management
Every single posting increases the table size in SAP databases, not without reason provides SAP tools to measure the table-sizes and their growth. Even though modern HANA-technology is much less affected with performance issues, larger tables require much more expensive HANA-systems and often without any business need: When do users ever access historical data which is older than 6 months? Archiving this data reduces costs without affecting compliance or auditability: The data is still easily accessible from within SAP GUI, only with a split of a second delay.

SAP ECC Decommissioning

Many companies opt for a greenfield implementation of S4/HANA to free themselves from outdated processes and inherent limitations. In this case, organizations have to decide to either continue running the decommissioned SAP-system for the legally required retention period of 7, 10 or even more years or to archive the data in such a way that auditors can retrieve it easily if needed. With Serrala’s CoreStone, the archived data can reside securely either in AWS or Microsoft Azure-based cloud services, secure and cost-efficient.


SAP Document Storage

Once they are digitized, documents like supplier invoices, supporting documents, Payment Advices, log-files etc. need to be stored securely and efficiently. SAP ArchiveLink ensures that all these documents are linked to the respective posting and can be retrieved easily from SAP GUI, FIORI, Serrala’s Web and Mobile frontends.


100% SAP-integrated with Cloud-Storage

While most SAP ArchiveLink-enabled Content Repositories require a physical content repository on-premise (“Archive Server”), Serrala CoreStone was built with cloud-storage in mind. It connects directly from within SAP to cloud-storage providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure to keep the data safe and always available.



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