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ScaleHub CrowdSourcing

- Guaranteed turn-around time

- Any volume, any number of data fields

- GDPR and PDPA-compliant

ScaleHub offers highly scalable managed services to process and label data at Enterprise quality and scale based on the world’s largest crowd of human workers and smart AI automation. ScaleHub’s Collective Intelligence and Crowd Sourcing community is fast growing with today more than 2.3M global workers available – no project is too big for ScaleHub and they are supporting more than 160 languages. ScaleHub’s Crowdportal is the most secure in the industry as the security comes with the design – ISO 27001 certified; GDPR has proven and HIPAA compliant.

How does it work?


By cutting digitized documents into fields (called “snippets”) and bringing them out of context, ScaleHub ensures full security and compliance. These snippets are distributed among ScaleHub’s crowd-workers, and every snippet is processed independently twice in parallel. Only if the results are identical, they are deemed accurate, else a third worker comes in. This way, ScaleHub guarantees not only extremely high data-accuracy of 99.x% but also that no single worker has access to any meaningful information (example: The 9-digit US social security numbers are cut into three snippets of each three digits)

ScaleHub is strong where traditional OCR lacks

  • Seasonal spikes and very high volumes

  • Handwriting

  • Complex documents like Tax Forms, Mortgage-applications, Records Management

  • Decentralized yet fast and compliant data-validation



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