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DEXPRO Mailrooms

DEXPRO Mailrooms and DEXPRO Squeeze

- Cloud-based Input Management Solution

- Classification and Extraction even of Complex Documents incl. Handwriting

- Case Management (Vendor Invoices, Contracts, HR, etc.) using DEXPRO's own  Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

- Enterprise-ready, supporting Multinational Organization across Multiple Time-zones

- Intuitive User Frontend for Approvals, Exception Handling and Work Items

“Not all our clients look for an SAP-integrated solution, some have mixed ERP-environments, some no SAP at all, and some value the flexibility of a Cloud-based solution. DEXPRO Mailrooms and DEXPRO Squeeze offer unique features, built with the latest technology, and are quick to deploy.

Pooja Dargan

Sales & Marketing


DEXPRO Mailroom

A modern, all-in-one, (private) cloud-based mailroom solution, which addresses the entire lifecycle of information from the moment data is received until it is processed and stored. Documents from all sources (scanner, mail, file-system, etc.) can directly be interfaced. DEXPRO's intelligent capture solution SQUEEZE uses the latest technology

like TensorFlow (Image Processing) and Tesseract (Optical Character Recognition) to classify the incoming documents using Google’s Machine Learning-technology.

DEXPRO Mailrooms allows the digitalization of all document-related processes, supporting the virtualization of the entire back-office, enabling remote cooperation (“WFH”)

and thus ensuring business continuity. Depending on the automatically identified document-class, relevant values are extracted and trigger the necessary processes,

for example:

  • Vendor Invoice-processing

  • Sales Orders

  • Contract Management

  • Onboarding and HR-filing

  • Case Management

Out-of-the-box templates ensure quick win-projects. A powerful and flexible workflow engine routes documents to the appropriate user and/or application and allows simple exception handling and approval scenarios.

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