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- Digitalization is key for automation

- Business Continuity highly depends on digitalization

- Smart use of OCR, RPA and AI-technologies brings tangible results

“There are incredible AI-related technologies and software today; but all Intelligent Automation initiatives begin with acquiring quality data, without which you cannot get far”


Wei Hao Goh

Lead Digitalisation


Almost all of A:gusth’s projects are part of the client’s digitalization initiatives. The scale can range from simple digitization of data for silo business processes to playing a part in a larger organization-wide digital transformation strategy.


The need for digitalization has never been more apparent. This is especially true in today’s time where the availability and dependability of manual work is unpredictable and costly. Digital data is both central to all Business Processes as well as the core subject of Digitalization; and it is here that we still see major hurdles for most Organizations. Despite the existence of modern technologies, most businesses are still plagued with incoming unstructured data in the form of physical/digital documents or loose emails. Choosing the right technologies and tools to translate these data into something meaningful is challenging let alone transforming the respective business processes and business operators’ mindset to evolve with the applications of these technologies. A:gusth has the know-how and experience in helping Organizations advance in the right direction.


Our intelligent platforms answer to all Cognitive Capture and Data Pre-processing requirements.



Unlike off-the-shelf capture tools that rely on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine for straightforward data extraction, we use a full range of technologies, ensuring flexibility as well as scalability. These thus cater not only for machine printed data, but also handwriting recognition, barcode reading, optical mark recognition, fingerprinting, and data of different languages (including non-Latin based). This approach is a unique capability that gives our solutions an edge over most capture solutions; it allows us to optimize all recognised results via an internal decision-making process often yielding higher accuracy.


Non-Structured Data Capture

Our solutions do not need to rely on templates. Our technologies understand the document nature to execute Intelligent capture techniques on document contents of unstructured/semi-structured nature and are accustomed to the respective regions/locale. This gives an accuracy of 80% and above from the first document onwards, without any templates.



The advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows us to provide more complex capabilities such as learning and classification. Our solutions can perform classification on documents via textual content and Neural Networks (in the case of picture content); thus, providing sophisticated classification capabilities adequate of handling even the demands of Digital Mailrooms.


Complete Platform

Our capture solution comes equipped with various useful capabilities designed to help streamlined operational processes. The platform is inbuilt with learning capability allowing capture rates to improve over time. The platform supports cloud and is highly scalable in nature. It is designed with the intention of multi-input channels as well as having ready connectors for downstream systems like ECMs, ERPs, Repositories etcetera.


Digitalization Journey

The technology is one aspect of the Digitalization journey. The application of technology and domain knowledge is equally essential. Even digital data can be optimized at the beginning of the business processes to help systems make informed decisions automatically. Simple digitization projects can be extended to include use cases like Entity Extraction, Sanction Screening, Straight Through Processing, fuzzy decision making, and so on.

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