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FS² Payments

  • All types of payments incl. commercial, treasury, salary

  • Automated retrieval of account and payment status information

  • Central control of company-wide payment transactions

  • All national and international bank protocols incl. EBICS, API, FTX, host-to-host connections such as (s)ftp/https, SWIFT

  • Automated embargo screening and checks against sanctions list

We have helped many clients to centralize and harmonize their AP-processes, but payments regularly remained decentralized coming from various applications like SAP and HR and requiring individual connections to various banks. Payments are still often approved multiple times, but not in a consistent way. Finally, with FS² Payments, our customers can rely on a single connection from all their systems to all their banks, even globally.

Pooja Dargan

Sales & Marketing


Streamline your company’s payment process across all applications and geographies to allow easier and centralized connections to all your banks, optimization of payment processes to reduce costs and FX-charges, ensure compliance, increase your fraud prevention and embargo screening capabilities. FS² Payments manages all payments 100% SAP-integrates (even for Non-SAP systems). All approvals are done centrally through web-clients (UI5/FIORI). There is no better way to do payments.

Many mid-sized companies have more than 100 different bank-accounts to manage, often requiring complex integrations to the banks in various payment and bank transfer format. To make matters worse, companies often do payments from various systems, e.g. salaries and vendor payments, which then often leads to non-standardized approval processes.

Most companies have experienced some form of payment fraud, the higher the complexity of the payment process, the more difficult it becomes to ensure proper safeguards.

Serrala FS² Payments is the one single solution to address all the above challenges for companies using SAP.

Companies of all sizes, from mid-sized to global enterprises, benefit from the solution as it ensures:

  • Centralized handling of all payments, regardless whether from SAP or outside of SAP

  • Payment optimization across all payments in respect to FX and bank fees

  • Automated Compliance Checks in respect to tracking & approvals, as well as sanction and embargo screening

  • Reliable connectivity to all your banks

Using FS² Payments, your treasury department will be able to monitor, re-arrange, optimize, and approve all your payments from a simple web-based screen. The data is securely kept inside of SAP and your delegation of authority is centrally ensured by SAP’s roles and authorization mechanism. Regardless whether you run one or 20 ERP-systems, connect to three or three hundred banks, do 2 or 200 payments per day, your organization will immediately benefit from FS² Payments. FS² Payments is offered on-premise or in the cloud.

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