Multi-Tenant portal, one login connects to multiple buyers

  • Simple and intuitive-to-use front-end, mobile-enabled

  • Invoice creation and status-updates (received, acknowledged, paid) online

  • Flipping of POs based on GR quantity

  • Vendor Master Data maintenance

  • Comprehensive Reports for Corporate Buyers and Suppliers

Pooja Dargan

Sales & Marketing

“InvoiceNow closes the last gap of a fully automated end-to-end process for account payable. While the portal integrates with SAP without any prerequisites, it benefits from existing AP-automation solutions such as Serrala’s FS² Accounts Payable etc. as it finally enables 100% automation…”

InvoiceNow for SAP is the most comprehensive multi-tenant Vendor Portal which connects directly to your SAP-system.


While the corporate customer is in complete control, InvoiceNow gives vendors direct access to their invoices’ status (received, acknowledged, paid) and allows to flip a purchase order into an order confirmation, a delivery order, and finally into an invoice.

The portal’s SAP-interface is 100% built into your SAP-system, while the actual portal is powered by Google Cloud, your data is highly secured and stored in a European data centre adhering to the highest data-protection standards and fully compliant with PDPA and GDPR.

Headquartered in Singapore, Verticys integrates more than 20 years of passionate efforts to digitize and fully automate the P2P-processes of large corporates and our own experiences as a supplier who looked for solutions to increase cash-flow predictability and omit unforeseen capital gaps.


InvoiceNow by Verticys <Path-breaking Supply Chain Finance>

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