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We welcome our strategic partner Verticys, a Fintech company and its enterprise SaaS platform is called InvoiceNxt.

InvoiceNxt helps companies access the value tied up in their supply chain by transitioning from inefficient and often manual working capital management practices into fully automated, technology-led, supply chain management. InvoiceNxt automates the entire procure-to-pay process and enables uncomplicated supply chain financing. We envision a world in which suppliers are paid instantly, in which working capital becomes easily available to companies of all sizes and in all markets while ensuring fair terms that benefit SME-suppliers as much as the Corporates.

Multi-Tenant portal, one login connects to multiple buyers

  • Simple and intuitive-to-use front-end, mobile-enabled

  • Invoice creation and status-updates (received, acknowledged, paid) online

  • Flipping of POs based on GR quantity

  • Vendor Master Data maintenance

  • Comprehensive Reports for Corporate Buyers and Suppliers

Pooja Dargan
Sales & Marketing


Win-Win for suppliers and corporate buyers!

Digitizing the entire supply chain from RFQ to payments

InvoiceNxt completes the digitization in the supply chain of large corporates with thousands of suppliers and millions of transactions, eliminating manual efforts of procurement and accounts payables by leveraging already existing data.

Early payment with a single click

InvoiceNxt encourages suppliers to request early payment of their invoice with a single click, always against a fair discount, which creates hard savings that go directly to the bottom line and increase net profits. The entire process is 100% automated, regardless of whether early payment comes from the corporate buyer’s balance sheet or from a third-party lender. All supplier invoices can be paid early, regardless of the invoice amount as there are no humans in the loop, there are zero marginal costs for all stakeholders.

Implementing ESG concepts

With InvoiceNxt, corporate buyers can continuously incentivize the supply chain’s contribution to the implementation of ESG-concepts across entire supply chains. Any reductions in a specific supplier’s carbon footprint leads to a quantifiable cash-based bonus for the supplier at no expense for the corporate buyer.

Supplier engagement

InvoiceNxt is designed to engage all suppliers, every day. Mobile device integration, unparalleled access to valuable information about all aspects of the business transactions, simple one-click early invoice payment options, and InvoiceNxt’s outstanding Onboarding- and Outreach team will keep suppliers engaged. A supplier’s business without InvoiceNxt is incomplete.

WIN-WIN for Suppliers and Corporate buyers

InvoiceNxt is connected to corporate’ ERP-systems within less than 5 days and does not require any local hardware, administration, or maintenance efforts. However, by giving suppliers direct access to required information, InvoiceNxt will reduce costly and error-prone manual work in the corporate buyer’s procurement and accounts payable department from day one. The platform offers suppliers to request early payment. A healthy and committed supply chain is a valuable asset that gives corporates a competitive advantage. Effectively, many suppliers will for the first time have uncomplicated and fast access to working capital at fair terms.


Corporate buyers can incentivize suppliers’ alignment with ESG-concepts by granting a bonus. With InvoiceNxt, corporates can monetize their already existing data without any efforts.

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