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N:xT-Interface© for SAP

Next-generation interface for SAP

  • Configurable API connections

  • For  vendor invoices, SD orders, RFQ-responses, Vendor Master-updates (Inbound)

  • Vendor Master,  PO-data, Consignment Stock, RFQ (Outbound)

  • Direct integration into standard SAP transactions and  the most common AP-automation solutions (e.g. Serrala FS² AccountsPayable)

  • S4/HANA Cloud-ready

  • Quick installation and configuration

Pooja Dargan

Sales & Marketing


“N:xT Interface for SAP allows simple and secure integrations directly via RESTful API. It is flexible to map all business scenarios. The interfacing of vendor invoices and sales orders comes out of the box. Since it connects directly via secure HTTPS it is ready for S4/HANA Cloud implementations., installation and configuration happen on the fly.

SAP Certified"

Features for Vendor Invoice-Processing:

  • Bi-directional transmission of invoice data from external sources (InvoiceNxt, electronic invoices, capturing solutions, external systems (SAP or non-SAP) or IDOC

  • Secure API connections using HTTPS

  • SAP ArchiveLink-support

  • Inbuilt data-validation screen incl. image viewer

  • Inbuilt business logic and default configurations to automatically for validation and matching in real-time

  • Inbuilt workflow triggers (e.g. business partner data-update)


Real-time validation and matching (example vendor invoice):

  • Early duplicate check

  • Determination of Company Code

  • Vendor-ID identification

  • Document type-determination (PO-based vs. Non-PO-based)

  • Line-item matching

  • Business Transaction (Invoice vs. Credit Note)

  • Posting Date-determination

  • Autopark/Autopost

  • Calculate Tax

  • Document-specific  update of the FX-Rate if GST is provided in overseas currencies (esp. for Singapore)

Interface via secure APIs

  • Integrated with SAP STRUST to ensure data security and SAP-compliance

  • Easily customizable

  • Integrations with existing automation solutions (e.g Serrala FS² AccountsPayable or FS² Order Management etc.)

  • Real-time validations against SAP data

  • Simple configuration

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