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for ECC 
and S/4 HANA

Integration with existing legacy solutions

No minimum volume. No subscription.


AP processes 24/7 across all markets and in all languages

Super-human accounts payable processing

NXTAP drives AP processes 24/7 across all markets and in all languages, leveraging cutting-edge GPT technology and an experienced-based understanding of SAP- and accounting standards.


NXTAP leverages the power of fine-tuned large language models, including the revolutionary GPT AI, to deliver unparalleled AP automation that complies with a wide array of intricate company-specific, accounting, fiscal, and legal requirements.


NXTAP is a commitment to user-friendliness. NXTAI provides round-the-clock access for accountants, business professionals, and suppliers in their preferred language. It offers intelligent and contextually relevant assistance, ensuring that everyone can harness the full potential of our platform."

Reliable and compliant straight-through processing is the key objective of NXTAP

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 5.47.25 PM.png

3 Seconds to capture every detail.

Trained on tens of millions of supplier invoices, NXTAP has super-human abilities to understand image-based information in more than 140 languages – in real-time (<3 sec). NXTAP recognizes the relevance of formats but doesn't depend on them. Line-item data is captured, not adopted. Providing the most reliable data possible for posting and reporting.

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