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N:xT-Capture© for SAP

Next-generation capture solution for SAP (SaaS)

Fuzz-free, all vendor-invoices from PDF to SAP with the highest accuracy

  • 95% accuracy

  • 5 seconds turn-around time

  • No humans in the loop, 100% machine-based

  • SaaS-model: No setup, no customization, no minimum volume, no commitment

  • Masterdata-less (no vendor master-data nor PO-data upload required)

  • Direct integration into standard SAP-transactions and  the most common AP-automation solutions (e.g. Serrala FS2 AccountsPayable)

  • S4/HANA Cloud-ready

“N:xT Capture for SAP is ideal for high-volume vendor invoice-capturing to ensure complete automation of the P2P-process.. In many cases getting the invoice-data without any customer-specific customization is completely sufficient. N:xT Capture for SAP is providing exactly this: Fuzz-free, all invoices from PDF to data with the highest accuracy. We invite you to try it out, this is a game-changer! There is simply no reason to enter vendor invoices in SAP manually anymore.

Volkmar Ahrens


N:xT Capture for SAP provides capturing as a service seamlessly into SAP (ECC & S4/HANA). Simply scan vendor-invoices into PDF or forward PDF-invoices to a dedicated mail-address. Within less than 5 seconds, N:xT Capture provides its superb capturing results (95%) to automatically create the respective invoices directly in SAP (FI/MM,) and the invoice-images will be stored using SAP ArchiveLink, easily accessible for any SAP-user. N:xT Interface for SAP ensures the matching of company code, vendor ID and PO/DO line-items in real-time. Everything is done 100% automatic, no humans in the loop.   

Features for Vendor Invoice-Processing:

  • Vendor invoices are sent  in PDF-format to a customer-specific SMTP-address

  • The invoice data is returned within less than 5 seconds directly into the customer's SAP-system using N:xT Interface for SAP

  • SAP ArchiveLink-support

  • Inbuilt data-validation screen incl. image viewer

  • Inbuilt business logic and default configurations to automatically for validation and matching in real-time

  • Inbuilt workflow triggers (e.g. business partner data-update)


Real-time validation and matching (example vendor invoice):

  • Early duplicate check

  • Determination of Company Code

  • Vendor-ID identification

  • Document type-determination (PO-based vs. Non-PO-based)

  • Line-item matching

  • Business Transaction (Invoice vs. Credit Note)

  • Posting Date-determination

  • Autopark/Autopost

  • Calculate Tax

  • Document-specific  update of the FX-Rate if GST is provided in overseas currencies (esp. for Singapore)

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