A:gusth's N:xT strategy comes to life

Product Launch - Next generation Interface for SAP. The ultimate incorporation of design, function, and value. A:gusth introduces N:xT generation Interface for SAP.

'N:xT Interface for SAP' allows simple and secure integrations directly via RESTful API. It is flexible to map all business scenarios. The interfacing of vendor invoices and sales orders comes out-of-the-box. Since it connects directly via secure HTTPS it is ready for S4/HANA implementations, installation and configuration happens on the fly.

N:xT Interface for SAP supports various business processes (AP, AR, OM, etc.), it allows to integrate with standard SAP transactions and is prepared to support SAP-certified automation solutions (e.g. Serrala FS2) out-of-the-box.

Find out more details on our products page.

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