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A:gusth Asia Pacific collaborates with Verticys's InvoiceNxt

InvoiceNxt helps companies access the value tied up in their supply chain by transitioning from inefficient and often manual working capital management practices into fully automated, technology-led, supply chain management. InvoiceNxt automates the entire procure-to-pay process and enables uncomplicated supply chain financing. We envision a world in which suppliers are paid instantly, in which working capital becomes easily available to companies of all sizes and in all markets while ensuring fair terms that benefit SME-suppliers as much as the Corporates.

Headquartered in Singapore, Verticys integrates more than 20 years of passionate efforts to digitize and fully automate the P2P-processes of large corporates and our own experiences as a supplier looking for solutions to increase cash-flow predictability and omit unforeseen capital gaps.

InvoiceNxt uses digitization to completely automate the entire procure-to-pay-process to allow faster payment for every invoice of any amount to every supplier.

Win-Win for suppliers and corporate buyers!

InvoiceNxt is connected to corporate’s ERP-systems within less than 1 day and does not require any local hardware, administration, or maintenance efforts. However, by giving suppliers direct access to already existing information, InvoiceNxt will reduce costly and error-prone manual work in the corporate buyer’s procurement and accounts payable department from day one.

The processes for suppliers and buyers can remain unchanged, however, the platform offers the possibility to create “perfect” invoices, e.g. by “flipping” purchase orders into invoices using the PO-unit price and good receipt-quantity. ‍ With InvoiceNxt, the supplier can actively manage the cashflow and, if needed, request early payment with a single click. Effectively, many suppliers will for the first time have uncomplicated and fast access to working capital at fair terms.

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