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It's time to revamp Healthcare

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

By Padmaja Alavarthi

The day has come where all the employees need to stay at home, maintaining social distance, but the business should run as usual. Today everyone is forced to think about how to get things done remotely without any human intervention, but this can happen only with their new ideas.

Revamp of the entire process does not imply to one industry, but all as mentioned in my previous articles. Till today, there were efforts seen in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, mining, electronics, and few other sectors but very less in health care. Even today, patients, when they visit a doctor, need to carry all their previous records, wait for hours to see the doctor even after taking the appointment, need to explain in detail about their past medical issues and the current problem. Once going through all this hazel, a patient needs to queue for long hours to collect the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

If hospitals want to operate successfully in the current health care landscape, serious efforts are required to eliminate paper-based systems and are essential for digital electronic medical records (EMRs) adoption. Applying the technology in hospitals will add in higher value for both patients and the health system. If there are more patients like in the COVID-19 situation, then there is more data to interpret in less time and react. Decision making, therefore, becomes a complicated process.

Today it's time to revamp the process, automate the manual tasks as required, make use of digital technology, and educate the people on the new process so that they get used to it. Starting with small steps will make a big difference. From here on, the technology will not be played as a supporting role but will become the driver of business models.

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