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360° Automation in Finance 

Our solutions are built around world-class technology which we have tailored to meet the specific requirements of our Asian clients. We have developed unparalleled expertise with respect to the fiscal and legal requirements of almost all Asian countries and beyond. With over a decade worth of experience spanning across various business formats, especially in Shared Services environments, we have emerged as an exceptional value creator. All our clients have a long-standing relationship with us, which gives testimony to the tangible benefits we provide to our customers.

FS² Autobank

The smartest solution to automate the cash application process inside of SAP.  Addressing specifically the challenges of the Accounts Receivables process,  FS² Autobank incorporates the experience of more than 2,000 installations across the world. It utilizes the latest AI-powered algorithms and cuts the manual efforts by more than 90%, reducing the DSO and improving cash flow significantly.

FS² Accounts Payable

Truly the best SAP-integrated  Accounts Payable solution we have seen, optimized for Shared Services with the highest level of automation and process transparency. All validations are done on a single screen, which supports an automated workload-allocation.  Exception handling and approvals can be done in SAP GUI, FIORI, Web- and Mobile devices and via eMail.

FS² Journal Entry

One of the most tedious and often very manual tasks in accounting can be (almost) completely automated with FS² Journal Entry. All postings are completely simulated while uploading. Every process step is logged and the actual approval of the postings can be done after uploading, either in SAP, FIORI, Web-,  via Mobile, or eMail. A comprehensive reporting in real-time helps to further optimize the process. 

FS² Payments

Streamline your company’s payment process across all applications and geographies to allow easier and centralized connections to all your banks, optimization of payment processes to reduce costs and FX-charges, ensure compliance, increase your fraud prevention and embargo screening capabilities. FS² Payments manages all payments 100% SAP-integrates (even for Non-SAP systems). All approvals are done centrally through web-clients (UI5/FIORI). There is no better way to do payments.

CoreStone Data & Document Management

Serrala CoreStone is an SAP AchiveLink-certified solution that allows direct storing and archiving of documents respectively data in cloud repositories like AWS and Microsoft Azure without any on-prem component. It is ideal to ensure a smooth and cost-efficient migration to S4/HANA, regardless of whether it is a "greenfield" (ensuring the legacy system's data retention) or "brownfield" (reducing the table-sizes) approach.

ScaleHub CrowdSourcing

ScaleHub is a leading managed service provider (MSP) of innovative crowdsourcing solutions for shared service centers (SSCs) and business process outsourcers (BPOs). Combining artificial and human intelligence with crowdsourcing technology, ScaleHub provides 24x7 managed service solutions for document capture and data extraction, guaranteeing 99 % automation. 

DEXPRO Mailrooms

Cloud-based and ERP-independent solution to classify, extract, and process all incoming documents of an organization, using the latest Google Machine Learning-technologies. Squeeze, DEXPRO's own capturing solution is quick to implement and provides superior results, even for handwriting. DEXPRO Mailrooms enables smart case-management (Contracts, Invoices, HR, etc.)  based on DEXPRO's own Intelligent Process Automation (IPA).

N:xT Interface for SAP

Next-generation Interface for SAP. Seamless and secure bi-directional data-exchange via HTTPS

Configurable API connections

For  vendor invoice, SD orders, RFQ-responses, Vendor Master-updates (Inbound)

Vendor Master,  PO-data, Consignment Stock, RFQ (Outbound)

Direct integration into standard SAP-transactions and  the most common AP-automation solutions (e.g. Serrala FS2 AccountsPayable)

S4/HANA Cloud-ready

Quick installation and configuration



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