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Asia’s size and diversity make it necessary to find partners who represent not only our solutions but also our attitude and competence to local markets. Partnerships are for us as an extension of A:gusth, our colleagues, whom we work with and support whenever needed to make the implementation of our solutions successful. Our co-operation partner Trimitrasis is our partner in Indonesia. Trimitrasis is a professional service company, with capabilities in consulting, technology, and operation support. Founded in 2013, Trimitrasis has grown to service customers across Indonesia with technologies from SAP, SalesForce, and Serrala. For A:gusth, working with Trimitrasis helps us to be closer to our Bahasa-speaking clients.

Especially for Singapore and with focus on the newly established e-Invoicing standard Peppol, Pte Ltd is our preferred Peppol Access Point, enabling companies to send and receive electronic invoices directly from their accounting system. Also, offers a unique cloud-based portal to create and receive Peppol-invoices, completely for free.  

Let’s face it. Hardcopy-invoices will eventually disappear and that will make all our lives much easier. Singapore is spearheading the implementation of Peppol as an open E-Invoicing standard in Asia, being the first country outside Europe, but already followed by New Zealand and Australia. Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand are expected to join the Peppol-standard in 2020. And India will introduce e-Invoicing with its own standard this year as well. 

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