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We offer our experience and know-how with respect to process automation in finance (especially SAP) to ensure results

  • Securing business continuity even in times of global disruptions

  • Eliminating manual and error-prone tasks

  • Increasing process efficiency in terms of transaction volumes and results

  • Ensuring compliance across the entire process chain

“Solution Providers often deliver piece-meal.

Technology is applied to address specific tasks often without much impact on the overall process. This is like equipping your vintage car with high-performance tires, it will never match the expectations.”

Padmaja Alavarthi

Solution Delivery


Only experience-based change-management will enable companies to see significant efficiency gains using automation and advanced technologies like

ML and RPA. In our career, we have seen many companies investing huge amounts and even more efforts in the implementation of process automation.

Still, they do not reach the expected (and promised) potential. 

We help to maximize the returns of existing investments in automation solutions 


You want to explore automation for certain finance functions or in general? 

A:gusth will help you explore the possibilities, design the future fully automated processes, and support your organization in the change management to ensure the outcome.

- Maximizing the ROI

- Validating your processes’ efficiency

- Closing gaps 

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